/ˈnɒstɒs / νόστος

an ancient Greek word dating back to Homer which represents the epic homecoming from a journey.

A village in the Greek island of Evia… the water of the mountain spring, the fresh air with a scent of pine, the grapevine in the courtyard, the small white house, the smiling welcoming faces of our loved ones. The mother opens the door and takes us in her arms, the father brings a bottle of red wine to the table, the house smells of fresh bread and roast lamb.

“Καλωσορίσατε, Welcome!!”

Welcome to Nostos! Our restaurant was born out of our warm memories of our island home and nostalgia for our mother’s cooking. Join us to experience Greek hospitality at its best, with a feast of traditional tapas, home-style dishes, and daily family favourites.