Aperol Spritz   11

Soda, 2oz aperol, dried garnish (Grapefruit or Orange)

Mojito (Lime, Raspberry, or Blackberry)   11

1oz rum, simple syrup, mint, lime, soda

Old Fashioned   11.75

2oz bourbon, brown sugar, angosturra bitters, cherry

Whiskey Sour   11.75

2oz bourbon, lemon juice, simple syrup, orange wheel, Cherry

Caesar   11

clamato, 1.5oz vodka, tabasco, worchestershire sauce, celery salt, pickle or olive

Specialty Drinks

Paradisos   12

soho, hypnotiq,  guava

Minnie’s Mint   10.50

ouz, orange, lemon, mint

Nostos Sangria   13

choice of vodka or gin, brandy, cointreau, orange, soda, w/red or white wine

Nisyros Volvano   21

spiced rum, havana club, overproof rum, orange, pineapple, guava, demerara sugar, lemon, lime, fire!

Empress   13

empress gin, st-germain, lemon, soda, mint

Imported Lager

Heineken Tap   8.25

Heineken Bottle   8

ALC. 5%

A refreshing lager beer with a distinc and balanced taste. The shade of fruitiness nicely blends with the bitterness of the hops.

Sol   8

ALC. 4.5%

Refreshing thirst-quencher, low in bitterness and brewed with ‘lightstrike’ hops that wont get affected by the sun.

Birra Moretti   8.50

ALC. 4.6%

Light caramel taste with a light refreshingly crisp palete that features just enough bitterness to keep it clean and dry.

Stella Artois    8

Kronenbourge 1664    8


Strongbow   7.75

ALC. 5.3%

Fruity and refreshing cider. The ultimate thirst-quencher and number one cider in the world.